Friday, April 9, 2010


We met our baby this morning and are totally in love, she is too. The attachment went better then we could have ever expected.
The nannies called the families up one by one to meet our babies and we were first. We walked into the room with a dozen babies all over the floor and Semenesh stood out immediately. I picked her up and she looked at Kelly and me without any concern. When we took her downstairs everyone clapped and then the next family was called.
Downstairs she was full of smiles and laughter. She's very ticklish.
It was the most amazing experience. The feeling can best be described as ten families giving birth to their babies at the same time. The room was full of joy.
We look forward to tomorrow when we get to spend more time at the orphanage, learning her schedule and routine.
We're in heaven.


  1. You're in heaven and I'm in tears...I can hardly see the screen to write this. God is so good and you've waited for His perfect timing for His perfect gift of Semenesh!

  2. Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Sam and I are so excited for you!

  3. I am so happy that the day finally came and the monment was perfect. It sounds like tomorrow will be an amazing day also. We are sharing in your joy from Chicago!!! We love you guys.

  4. God is good ALL the time. We couldn't ask for any better answer to our fervent prayers. LOVE to you both and ENJOY each moment, making these precious memories. Praying each moment. HUGS

  5. You have been in my prayers and I'm so happy the meeting went well. Your darling little girl will be a special light in your lives. God bless you and your children. Uncle Donn, Palm Desert, CA