Monday, March 22, 2010

The 'Chain' of Events...Our Countdown Begins

Today, big brother Judah completed a chain to countdown several very significant events in our near future. The chain is filled with encouraging words and reminders for prayer, as we live out these next few weeks in joyous anticipation. 21 days until the US Embassy receives our final paperwork... tentatively, 28 days until we board the plane...32 days, and we will be holding Semenesh in our arms... and finally, 40 days until the siblings meet! Let the countdown begin...


  1. Great idea. Can't wait to meet my little cousin!

  2. Thank you sweet Anna for your writings. You are doing such a very good job with patience, thoughtfulness and LOVE as you await this special appointment with Semma. Cute idea of the "countdown chain" for our Judah boy! LOVE you all - Mamaw

  3. We are so ready for little Seme!

  4. I posted a comment in Em's sign in.......opps

    We are so ready for Seme!!

    Wrote it like that cause it rhymed :)