Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uncontainable Joy!!!

Judah and I were running out the door this morning, in our usual morning rush to get to lil' seeds on time, when the phone rang. Because I lack of ability to ever just let a call go, I ran back in and answered it. On the other end was my FAVORITE person to hear from at this time in my life... my adoption specialist! I am always dying for an update, or more news about our travel. I however did not ever expect to receive a call like this.
"HELLO," I answered in a hurried voice.
"Hi, is this Anna?" said my specialist. "Do you have a minute."
"Of course," I answered (I will always make time for a call from her).
"So" she said, "I have you and Kelly down to travel on the 7th of April, and I wanted to tell you that I emailed the final paperwork."
I couldn't believe it! We were actually being bumped up? Not back? This was an answer to prayer that I never even prayed for. If you know anything about international adoption, this is a total miracle. Nothing other then a gift from God. The best way I could ever ask to start my day.
"Well" I told Judah, "when we get home we're gonna need to rip our chain in half!"


  1. SOOOOOO excited and happy for you three and the rest of us. God is Good All the Time! - Mamaw

  2. The best news we never asked for!