Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Simple Things...

Sometimes it's the simple things that can bring us encouragement or inspiration. Maybe it's just because everything we see, during a trying time, reminds us of what we're going through. Whatever the reason, I recently found encouragement under the cap of my "Honest Tea." There have been so many difficult changes throughout our journey. We haven't been given an option but to accept the "winds" and grow from them. Our family has learned patience and perseverance as we've adapted to these changes.
I'm realizing that I need to look at adoption more like a birth. When I meet with a woman and go over her birth plan, I always remind her that it won't go exactly as planned. In the end the goal is a healthy baby, not a "perfect birth". I guess adoption is the same in the sense that our goal is also a beautiful, healthy baby. We had a different plan in mind. Our perfect adoption plan included traveling through different regions of Ethiopia and enjoying the beauty of our daughter's country. Because of the new Embassy regulations, we will now only have one and a half weeks notice before travel. Our plans are changing and our time in Ethiopia will now be cut in half, but our reason for going is still the same. We will meet our long awaited daughter face to face, and bring her home to join our family!

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  1. This is beautiful, Anna...I'm so very happy to be your mom and know your daughter will feel the same way about you! It's hard, all this waiting, new requirements, etc, but you're weathering the 'winds' with grace and strength...soon she'll be in your arms!